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CDL Option
2022 Isuzu- NRR
2022 Isuzu- NRR
Mt. Vernon, OH

Engine: Isuzu 4HK1-TC 297
Transmission: Auto
Suspension: Spring
FA Capacity: 7275 Lbs
RA Capacity: 13660 Lbs
GVWR: 19500 Lbs
Tires: 225/70R19.5
Odometer: 13041
Unit#: 9398
Location: Mt. Vernon, OH
Price: $68,985

2021 International- MV
2021 International- MV
Mt. Vernon, OH

Engine: Cummins B6.7 240
Transmission: 2100 HS
Suspension: Spring
FA Capacity: 10000 Lbs
RA Capacity: 17500 Lbs
GVWR: 25999 Lbs
RE Ratio: 5.57
Tires: 11R22.5
Odometer: 217603
Unit#: 9354
Location: Mt. Vernon, OH
Price: $48,875

2020 Isuzu- NRR
2020 Isuzu- NRR
Mt. Vernon, OH

Engine: Isuzu 4HK1-TC 297
Transmission: Auto
Suspension: Spring
FA Capacity: 7275 Lbs
RA Capacity: 13660 Lbs
GVWR: 19500 Lbs
Tires: 225/70R19.5
Odometer: 5230
Unit#: 9318
Location: Mt. Vernon, OH
Price: $67,875

2020 Freightliner- M2
2020 Freightliner- M2
Mt. Vernon, OH

Engine: Detroit DD5 240
Transmission: Automatic
Suspension: Spring
FA Capacity: 8000 Lbs
RA Capacity: 10000 Lbs
GVWR: 18000 Lbs
RE Ratio: 4.78
Wheelbase: 240
Tires: 245/70/19.5
Odometer: 84789
Unit#: 9486
Location: Mt. Vernon, OH
Price: $48,985

35 Years of Box Truck for Sale in Ohio

Not every company needs a giant tractor trailer for every single contract, sometimes a simple box truck will do the trick. Box trucks are compact, maneuverable and are a cost-effective way to transport product and supplies, especially over shorter distances.

Even refrigerated box trucks are a simple solution to food storage and transport or other temperature-sensitive products.

When you look for new or used box trucks for sale in Ohio, turn to Robertson Truck Group for a large selection of high-quality box trucks inventory. Used Trucks for Sale Columbus Ohio

We ensure that every box truck we advertise is road-ready and available for upfitting. Whether you want to upgrade a preexisting truck to better serve your needs. Our team is ready to help you find the best box truck product for you and get you on the road quickly and efficiently.

New and Used Box Trucks for Sale in Ohio

As Ohio’s premiere trucking and heavy-duty equipment dealers, we provide our services across the state. The trucking industry isn’t limited just to the state’s capital. Robertson Truck Group can help you find your next box trucks, commercial trucks, dump trucks, Kioti Tractors, Dump Trailers, Truck Beds that will get the job done.

Box Trucks for Sale in Dayton, Ohio

Dayton is strategically located near the Ohio border and makes it a great place to have a business that requires trucks to transport product. Even if it’s just a quick drive to Columbus or Cincinnati, it’s important to have a box truck that you can rely on to help you complete your tasks. Our box truck inventory and services make it easy to look for box trucks for sale in Dayton, you just have to turn to Robertson Truck Group.

Searching for Box Trucks for Sale in the Cleveland, Ohio Area

Any business in Cleveland, Ohio knows about the city’s deep industrial history. Using the Cuyahoga and Erie waterways just don’t cut it anymore and using a box truck to transport small amounts of products and supplies is much more efficient than a large semi-truck or using a barge on the water. Buying a box truck for sale in Cleveland, Ohio through Robertson Truck Group will give you an affordable option for your business to grow in its transportation efforts.

Buying a Box Truck for Sale in Columbus, Ohio

At the center of the state, Columbus is a bustling city with many opportunities for businesses to grow. For transportation needs within the city, it’s best to have a box truck that can store and move your product, because it’s compact, fuel efficient and easy to drive. If you’re searching for a new or used box truck for sale in Columbus, Ohio, sourcing from Robertson Truck Group is the best business move you can make.

Contact Robertson Truck Group to Find Box Trucks for Sale Throughout Ohio

No matter where you’re located, your business will benefit from our light- and heavy-duty box trucks for sale in Ohio. Robertson Truck Group is dedicated to providing a comprehensive list of services to customers who are looking for box trucks to fulfill their product and supplies transportation needs.

Out 35 years of experience in the industry speaks volumes to the level of care and attention we give to not only our line of commercial truck for sale in Ohio, but also to our clients. We also work with your budget to secure you with the right product for your business. Peruse our inventory and contact us today and we’ll get you on the road with a box truck quickly.

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Ultimate Box Truck Buying Guide – Overview & FAQs

What is the Best Box Truck to Buy?

The best box truck to buy is largely dependent on what your needs are as a driver. Ask yourself questions like: How much freight do I plan to carry? How far do I plan to carry it? How much space will it need? And so on.

These questions will guide you to finding the perfect box truck for your needs.

What Are Box Trucks Used For?

Box trucks are generally used by companies to haul large items long distances. They’re most commonly used by moving companies, but anybody with needs for sending bulky items either across town or across the country can utilize the ample cargo space of a box truck

How Much Does It Cost to Buy a Box Truck?

Box truck prices vary, mainly by size, maker, and mileage. Most box truck sizes range anywhere from 10 feet in length all the way up to 26 feet. Shorter box trucks can be purchased for around $20k to $50k used. Longer trucks will be anywhere from $40k up to $80k, or more.

Where to Buy a Box Truck

Some of the most popular sellers of new box trucks are Ryder and Penske, but there are national and local box truck sellers all across the country. Commercial Truck Trader is another great place to find new trucks anywhere in the country.

Where Can I Buy a Used Box Truck?

Robertson Truck Group has a wide variety of used box trucks to choose from and can fit the needs of buyers in multiple different price ranges. But if you happen to be too far outside of the central Ohio area, TrueCar is a national company that can help you find the right vehicle.

Where Can I Sell My Box Truck?

As far as marketplace sites go, TrueCar seems to have the biggest selection and likely the largest group of potential buyers scrolling through their site. Other than that, there are a number of truck retailers around the country who offer fair and hassle-free selling experiences.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Box Truck

There are a number of things to look out for when buying a used box truck, but one great indicator of a truck’s health would be the tires. If the tires are worn, haven’t been rotated, and have uneven pressure, you can be fairly certain the rest of the truck hasn’t been taken care of either.

What Is Good Mileage for a Used Box Truck?

Lower mileage is always better as with any vehicle, but preferred mileage for used box trucks depends largely on the type of engine it has. If it’s a gas engine, anything under 100,000 is good. If it’s a diesel engine, anything under 200,000 is good.

What to Look for When Buying a Box Truck

The main questions you’ll need to consider before buying a box truck are: What type of cargo will I be carrying? How heavy will it be? And how far will I be carrying it?

Answering these will tell you exactly what you’re looking for. Longer distances mean you’ll want one with lower mileage. Heavier freight means you need stronger floors and chassis that can support what you’re carrying.

What Is Dock Height?

Dock height is a standardized height that you’ll find at most loading docks. At North American facilities, dock height is generally 48” from the ground and never higher than 55”. Getting a truck that falls within this range will ensure that loading and unloading are a breeze.

What Brand of Box Truck Is Most Reliable?

Although there are a number of quality box truck manufacturers, if you’re looking for a perfect blend of reliability and fuel efficiency, it’s hard to beat the Izusu N series or F series. These trucks check all the boxes and can carry up to 30,000 pounds of freight with ease.

Where to Buy an Accordion Box Truck

Box trucks with an accordion boot can be found at all the same places you’d purchase a regular box truck. Online sites like TrueCar and Commercial Truck Trader as well as local dealers will have them.

However, creating an accordion boot for your existing truck is easier than you probably think and can be done with just a few tools.

Who Buys Box Trucks?

Box trucks are most commonly used by moving companies, but any business that regularly needs to haul 5,000 to 30,000 pounds of freight will likely be using a box truck for that purpose.

What Small Box Truck to Buy to Start a Business

There are a number of great options for smaller box trucks if you’re just starting a business. Isuzu has a great all-around truck, but any truck that won’t break the bank, that won’t be constantly in the shop for repairs, and that has medium-to-low mileage will help you kickstart your business.

Where to Buy a Box Truck Container

Box truck containers that are sold separately from the actual truck are a little tougher to find. One place online that has a large inventory is Vander Haags Inc.

Is Buying a Box Truck a Good Idea?

Depending on what your needs are as a company, buying a quality box truck can make all the difference. But before you purchase you’ll need to know if it’ll be more cost-effective to buy or rent. Renting may seem cheaper initially but costs could stack up if the rentals are frequent.

Where to Buy a Toyota Box Truck

Toyota itself stopped manufacturing box trucks in the early 90s. However, the Toyota subsidiary HINO has been producing both semi-trucks and box trucks and they can be found at most commercial truck retailers.

Where to Buy a Small Box Truck

You can find small box trucks at any commercial truck dealer. If you’d like to check out the Robertson Truck Group inventory to find the perfect truck for you.

Biggest Box Truck to Buy Without a CDL

In the U.S. a person can use a box truck without a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) as long as it has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of under 26,000 pounds. This includes longer box trucks up to 26 feet. However, not all trucks with a GVWR under 26,000 can be driven without one.

How to Make a Box Truck Dock Height

If your box truck is below dock height, you can purchase wheel risers to raise the back end anywhere from 6 to 12 inches. If the height of your box truck is under 48 inches, getting risers will solve a lot of headaches so you can be compatible no matter where the job takes you.

How Much Does a 26-foot Box Truck Cost?

26-foot box trucks are likely going to be the most expensive on the market. They obviously come with more storage volume and a higher load capacity, so depending on what type of cargo you plan to carry it may be worth it. But you shouldn’t expect to pay any less than $40,000 to $80,000 for a used 26-foot box truck.


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