Truckers “Slow Roll” Protest Across the Country #BlackSmokeMatters

April 15, 2019

Another driver “Slow Roll” protest was scheduled for April 12th, 2019, in regards to the recent ELD (electronic logging devices) mandate from 2017. In recent months, a group known as #BlackSmokeMatters has gained traction within the trucking community for their strong stance against this mandate. Many drivers are using the hashtag across social media as […]


Box Truck Flips In Intersection

March 29, 2019

Box Truck Racer.   Box trucks: the Internet’s favorite vehicle to see crash. When people are not running box trucks into overpasses, light poles or backing them into parked cars, apparently they are buzzing them through intersections at high rates of speed. First and foremost, what an advertisement for Lowes. Nothing like a viral video […]

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