Robertson Truck Sales is constantly expanding and growing to better serve our client base. We provide 3 on-site shops that allow Robertson Truck Sales to deliver the highest quality of medium and heavy-duty trucks within the marketplace. A full mechanical shop, complete with an outside service department and parts center, a paint and detail facility, and our fabrication center to build any truck for any industry. All of these shops are in place to get your next truck on the road and stay there.

Upfitting Made Easy

What makes us different from practically any other truck dealer is that we provide our clients the opportunity to upfit their own trucks or choose one from our inventory and build it to their own specific needs. Robertson Truck Sales understands how important it is to keep your equipment functional and on the road in order to keep your business moving that is why we work with only trusted body manufactures and source quality vehicle parts. Within our 25,000 square-foot fabrication facility, we can take any chassis and alter it in order to make your next job easier.

Measurements Matter

Having the right piece of equipment on the back of your truck is key to any job, large or small. Many factors are important in order to establish the capability between a body and a truck. Gross vehicle weight rating, payload, gross axle weight rating, wheelbase, fuel and DEF tank location are just a few to consider. Most importantly understand how the cab to axle (or trunnion) and wheelbase measurement comes into play. See descriptions below:

  • * Cab-to-axle (CA) dimension. The distance from the back of the cab to the centerline of the rear axle, this dimension helps determine the length of body that can be mounted on the chassis. A similar concept for tandem-axle trucks is the CT dimension, measured from the rear of the cab to the centerline of the tandem.
  • * Wheelbase. The distance between the front axle and the rear axle (or the centerline of tandem axles) affects body installation, truck performance, and whether a particular axle is overloaded.
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