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New and Used Truck Beds for Sale in Columbus, Ohio

Do you have a Ram, Ford, Dodge or other kind of pickup truck that you rely on for your day-to-day operations? Maybe you’re looking to upgrade it to something more heavy-duty for bigger jobs and hauling more equipment.

Get the most out of your trucking equipment by choosing the right truck beds when you shop with Robertson Truck Group. Our Ohio office offers a wide range of new and used truck beds to give you exactly what you need for your fleet.

We have tough and high-quality new and used truck beds for sale in our Ohio inventory for those looking for something that will get the job done without having to buy a whole new vehicle.

Our large and spacious facilities is equipped with a full mechanical and detail shop as well as a 25,000 square foot fabrication facility. You can bring your pickup truck in, or upgrade any of our existing inventory with one of our new or used truck beds for sale at our Ohio facilities.

We know that quality means a lot to you and your business, which is why we only source the best materials and products for upfitting and upgrading your truck with one of our truck beds for sale from our Ohio inventory.

Whether you’re looking for something heavy-duty or need to outfit a truck for service work, we have the inventory and new or used truck beds for sale in Ohio that will meet and exceed your expectations. Our 35 years of experience in the trucking and truck equipment industry means Robertson Truck Group understands your needs for the best and reliable truck beds to help your day-to-day operations and your business’s successful growth.

Searching for New and Used Truck Beds for Sale in Ohio

It’s not easy to sift through the vast amount of trucking equipment dealers in your area to find the go-to dealer for truck beds for sale in Ohio, but the staff at Robertson Truck Group makes it easy. Not only do we offer our customers a wide inventory of new and used truck bed for sale in our Ohio inventory, but we also can help you find the one that meets your budget. We help you through the financing process of buying equipment and will help you discover the best options that meets your operational needs without going over budget.

It’s one of the many things about our company that we pride ourselves on. When you look for new and used truck beds for sale in Ohio, your best bet is to turn to us at Robertson Truck Group.

Contact Robertson Truck Group for Ohio Truck Beds for Sale

As a premier trucking and equipment sales company, we’re proud to offer our customers the benefit of buying high-quality, reliable and durable truck beds to upgrade and outfit new or existing equipment in their fleets. Contact Robertson Truck Group and browse through our inventory to find top-rated new and used truck beds for sale from our Ohio business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy truck beds in Ohio?

Truck beds can be purchased at some auto parts stores and commercial truck retailers. You also may be able to find better deals for used beds on Robertson Truck Sales.

How much can I sell a used bed for?

Depending on features such as size, condition, style, and the model of the truck bed, prices can range anywhere from $300 on the lower extreme to over $10,000 for certain top-of-the-line excellent condition beds. But those are pretty rare. Most used beds will fall in the $600 to $2,000 range.

How much is a new truck bed?

There are a number of factors that go into pricing for a new truck bed. New beds themselves are often in the $6,000 to $12,000 range, but when you factor in labor costs and how complicated the installation will be, you can expect to add another $1,000 or so on top of that.

How much does a truck bed cover cost?

Truck bed covers, also called tonneau covers, are all over marketplace sites, including Amazon, and can be bought from anywhere between $200 to $2,000 dollars. The low-grade ones will generally be made out of vinyl while high-end brands will be made from fiberglass or aluminum.

How do I measure a truck bed?

If you want to make sure you get the right bed size for your truck, take a tape measure and measure from the inside of the bulkhead and run it along the bedrail to the inside of the tailgate. Take this number and divide it by 12 to convert the length to feet. You can also round to the nearest inch if it’s not a whole number.

How wide is a truck bed?

Truck bed widths vary only slightly since they need to stay skinny enough to fit comfortably on the roads. Generally, they will fall between the 63” and 66” range. And these measurements are made from interior to interior on the widest part of the bed.

Who installs truck bed covers near me?

For truck bed cover installation, soft covers are significantly easier than hardcovers and can be completed in around an hour without any help. But for more complicated installs, you can find installers all across the country. You can contact Robertson Truck Sales for more info.

What wood is good for a flatbed truck?

The main thing to look for is a hardwood that doesn’t warp easily. Pressure-treated oak and pine woods are fairly common for flatbeds, but there are a number of different woods that can do the trick. Whichever you choose, make sure the wood is pressure treated so it will stand up against the elements.

Where can I buy a new bed for my truck?

There are a number of local and national retailers that sell truck beds. Search “Truck body retailers” to find local stores near you or check online for places that can ship across the country. Browse our inventory to find new truck beds for sale from our Ohio

How do I build a steel flatbed truck bed?

Converting your light and mid-duty trucks to flatbeds can be a lengthy and expensive process, but if you have some time (and a few tools) there’s a good chance you can get the job done yourself.

Where to cut the hole in my truck bed to get access to the fuel pump?

To gain access to the fuel pump, you may need to cut a hole in the truck bed, but if you only need to get access to it once, it may be better to remove the bed entirely. If you find that cutting a hole is the better option, you’ll need to check the exact specifications of your make and model since the location will vary quite a bit from truck to truck.

How do I fix rusted truck bed supports?

Due to the beatings, your truck bed will be taking, there’s a good chance that the bed will age much faster than the rest of it. If you’d like to fix rusted-out bed supports without selling or replacing the whole thing, there are guides available to help you do so.

How do I make a truck bed trailer?

One great thing you can do with older junk trucks is to convert the bed into a trailer that you can use for additional hauling capability. If you’re interested in learning about DIY truck bed trailers, just check online — there are plenty of instructional videos available.

How do I keep my truck bed cool?

There are a number of ways to keep your truck bed cool during the warmer months. If you have a topper, keeping it cool is as simple as opening the rear window of the cab and the topper to keep air flowing through. You can also keep it parked in shaded areas.

How do I build a wooden bed for a pickup truck?

Instead of purchasing an expensive wooden flatbed, there are a number of different ways you can create your own. The cost usually won’t run much higher than what’s spent on the lumber and can be completed in just a few hours.

How to measure a truck bed for a topper?

You can measure for a topper by running your tape measure along the rails of the truck and measuring inside to inside both length and width for the best topper measurements. Round anything below .5” down to the nearest inch and anything .5” and above up to the nearest inch.

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