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2023 SWITCH N GO- MDRB-1451-SS
2023 SWITCH N GO- MDRB-1451-SS
Mt. Vernon, OH

Unit#: SNG-4636301
Location: Mt. Vernon, OH
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2023 SWITCH N GO- MDRB-1451-SS
2023 SWITCH N GO- MDRB-1451-SS
Mt. Vernon, OH

Unit#: SNG-4636303
Location: Mt. Vernon, OH
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At Robertson Truck Group, we have a wide variety of dump trucks available for sale. As dump truck dealers in Columbus, Ohio, we take pride in offering both used and brand-new trucks and related truck equipment. With our vast knowledge and experience, we are able to source high quality dump trucks from across the state and country for our valued customers and clients.

With 35 years of experience in the trucking industry, we are happy to work with customers and clients that are looking to acquire a single dump truck to add to their fleet or if they are in need of multiple trucks. With on-site mechanics and technicians, all the trucks that roll off our property are guaranteed to be ready for the road.

Our 25,000 square foot campus is home to our mechanical and detail shop, you are able to outfit your new or used dump truck with high-quality products before taking it home. And whether you have a large budget or a smaller budget, we have various financing options available to our customers so you can take home the equipment you need to carry on your business.

Used Dump Truck Dealers in Columbus, Ohio

Interested in a dump truck that has already had a little bit of love? We have you covered! Every truck we keep in stock is refurbished so it holds up to the high standards we set here at Robertson Truck Group. They are well-maintained by our mechanics and technicians. And we certainly never sell a truck that we would not be comfortable driving ourselves.

With our onsite body maintenance and auto shop, you can happily peruse our used dump trucks with no worries. As used dump truck dealers in Columbus, Ohio, we know the importance of used trucks being in top condition. Our sales representatives are here to help guide you through the selection process when it comes to used dump trucks we keep in stock.

Overview of Dump Trucks for Sale with Robertson Truck Group

As dump truck dealers near Columbus, Ohio, we know that your needs are going to vary when it comes to the dump truck you need. The most common type of dump truck you will find will have a simple open-top bed that can hold various materials and waste with a hydraulic system that lifts the bed from the end. Many companies, both large and small in scale, use dump trucks of different sizes to effectively move construction materials, sand, gravel, hazardous waste, demolition debris, and more.

Deciding what type of dump truck will suit your purposes is an important step when looking through our expansive inventory. We have several types of dump trucks in stock that include the following: tri axle, medium duty, and heavy-duty dump trucks.

Contact Top-Rated Dump Truck Dealers in Columbus, Ohio

Whether you are looking to expand your current business operations, or you would just like to upgrade your current equipment, Robertson Truck Group’s status as dump truck dealers near Columbus, Ohio is the perfect stop for you. With our large inventory of used, new, and heavy-duty dump trucks, you will have a wide choice to select from. Our experienced and trusted team of sales professionals are able to find the ideal truck for your needs.

As used dump truck dealers in Columbus, Ohio, we are proud to offer our valued customers and clients the opportunity to work with our team of sales professionals, mechanics, and technicians to ensure that you leave with the ideal dump truck for your business.

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