New & Used Tri Axle Dump Truck for Sale in Columbus, Ohio

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CDL Option
2023 Sure-Trac- ST8212DD-B-120
2023 Sure-Trac- ST8212DD-B-120
Mt. Vernon, OH

Length: 12
GVWR: 12000lbs
Suspension: Spring
Inventory #: ST-2230
Price: $10,825

2023 BEAU ROC- 14' X 36'' X 42''
2023 BEAU ROC- 14' X 36'' X 42''
Mt. Vernon, OH

Unit#: DB-420512
Location: Mt. Vernon, OH
Price: $14,500

Here at Robertson Truck Group, we are proud to offer a selection of tri axle dump trucks for sale in Ohio. With over 35 years of experience in the trucking industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to source high-quality dump trucks. With our experienced team, we are more than able to procure the best of the best for our valued customers and clients.

If you are in need of heavy-duty dump trucks, of the used or brand new variety, come to Robertson Truck Group. You will not only be able to work with our experienced team of truck dealers, but you will also have access to our expansive inventory of tri axle dump trucks for sale near Columbus. We are happy to offer competitive prices and a choice of options that will also match your budget.

When it comes to the land renovation and construction industries, you want to make sure that you are able to move the heavy and often large amounts of materials that are needed to start and finish your jobs. Tri axle dump trucks are a perfect option for a wide number of potential jobs.

Overview of Tri Axle Dump Trucks for Sale in Columbus, Ohio

Dump trucks are perfect to utilize in construction and land renovation industries because of their ability to haul large amounts of materials. Depending on the type of project or job you are planning on working, taking into consideration the various types of dump trucks is important.

Tri axle dump trucks are used to transport and haul a myriad of different materials. These include, stone, sand, dirt, topsoil, concrete, asphalt, demolition debris, contaminated and hazardous material, sludge, and materials that contain a high moisture content behind a special sealed gate.

Tri axle dump trucks for sale near Columbus are generally lightweight as well, which can involve lower tolls and costs related to their use. They can save money in the overall operation of the dump truck and stand as especially popular choices for local hauling use. They tend to have better maneuverability when compared to single and quad axle dump trucks, which is another feature to consider when thinking over the type of dump truck you want to make use of.

Though they are called tri axle dump trucks, many will also include a fourth lift axle that allows the operator to lift and lower as it is needed. This can be a great factor when looking to potentially increase a dump truck’s operating capacity.

Contact Robertson Truck Group About Tri Axle Dump Trucks for Sale In Ohio

From hauling heavy materials like asphalt, demolition debris, and hazardous materials to being extremely maneuverable in potentially tight quarters, tri axle dump trucks are an option that might be the perfect fit for you. Many top brands produce tri axle dump trucks for sale near Columbus, Ohio and we are happy to have a wide variety to choose from in our inventory.

If you are in the market for a tri axle dump truck for sale near Columbus, Robertson Truck Group is here to assist you in finding the best dump truck for you and your needs. We put a high value on long lasting, hardworking machinery and we are proud to have a wide-ranging inventory of dump trucks on offer for our customers and clients. Working with our experienced team of sales representatives, mechanics, and technicians, we can ensure that our dump trucks are up to any task. For tri axle dump trucks for sale in Columbus, Ohio, look no further than Robertson Truck Group.

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