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Kioti Tractors

As one of the brand leaders of tractors for sale in the US for nearly 25 years, Kioti tractors are built to suit any job. With a range of durable models, features, and equipment, used Kioti tractors for sale near Columbus, Ohio are a perfect fit for your hard jobs hauling, digging, building and more. Robertson Trucking Group is proud to offer Kioti tractors for sale in Columbus and Central Ohio.

From rugged subcompacts like the CS, dynamic compacts in the CX, CK, and DK lines, and fully loaded workhorses like the NX, RX, and PX Series, Robertson Trucking Group has strong and durable Kioti Tractors for sale for any Ohio working condition. Each Kioti tractor for sale is built to work hardest for you.

Kioti Tractors for Sale Near Columbus, Ohio


The CS Series is a sub compact Kioti tractor for sale with ease of operation and optimal class capability in mind. Its sleek design offers high visibility while allowing it to fit into any small job site. Its 3-cylinder diesel engine delivers fuel efficiency along with formidable power. Like all Kioti tractors for sale, the CS Series is fully supported with attachments from diggers to mowers to tillers, ensuring you’ve got the right tool for the job.


The CX Series compact Kioti tractors for sale are more ruggedly built to take on work that calls for more power and longer hours. In addition to the ergonomic control systems and high visibility design of the CS Series, these Kioti tractors for sale are equipped with more power and options for manual or hydrostatic transmission (HST) configurations.



The CK10 Series are high performance compact Kioti tractors for sale with a range of power outputs and more durable design. Their higher ground clearance, dual pedal control on HST models, and fuel efficient, noise reducing diesel engines make them smooth operators on the job.


With outputs ranging from 40 to 58 horsepower, these Kioti tractors for sale are powered by a liquid-cooled 3 cylinder diesel engine capable of offering efficient performance. The DK10 Series supports a variety of attachments and includes foldable ROPS, front and rear safety lights, and a wide step-through deck with grab bars for ease mounting and exiting. The DK10 Kioti tractors for sale support a variety of tire, canopy and cab configurations to special-fit them to any rugged Ohio job.


Equipped with Tier 4 compliant ECO technology diesel engines, the NX Series Kioti tractors for sale deliver fuel-efficient power and are built with Kioti’s 4L performance in mind: low vibration, low noise, low fuel consumption, and a long lifetime of reliable service. That long lifetime makes them a reliable used Kioti tractor for sale, working long after the rest have gone home. The NX Series also includes switch-controlled PTO cruise control and torque compensation to maintain efficient and consistent work performance.


The RX Series are powerful tractors designed with comfort in mind, making tough jobs a breeze. With up to 73 horsepower and push button 4WD and differential lock, the RX Series Kioti tractors for sale deliver power with comfortable features like adjustable suspension seats and climate controlled cabs.


Leading the pack, the PX Series are the ultimate workhorse Kioti tractors for sale, unparalleled in their power and durability. The lineup delivers with outputs from 93 to 110 horsepower, load lift capacities of over 8,000 pounds, 540 and 1,000 rpm interchangeable PTO shafts, and a high visibility climate-controlled cab with ergonomic controls, keeping you comfortable and focused through any Ohio weather.

Used Kioti Tractors for Sale in Ohio

From digging to hauling, tilling to mowing, managing livestock or landscape, Kioti’s dynamic line of tractors for sale have all of your needs covered. Kioti has built their name on offering tractors for sale that are innovative, hardworking, and built to last.

Robertson Trucking Group values hardworking, long lasting machinery and we are proud to offer used Kioti tractors for sale in Ohio. With our well-trained team of mechanics, technicians and knowledgeable representatives, we stand by every Kioti tractor for sale we outfit. For Kioti tractors for sale near Columbus, Ohio, look no further than Robertson Trucking Group.

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