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CDL Option
2025 Mack- MD742
2025 Mack- MD742
Mt. Vernon, OH

Engine: Cummins ISB 300
Transmission: Automatic
Suspension: Air Ride
FA Capacity: 12000 Lbs
RA Capacity: 21000 Lbs
GVWR: 32995 Lbs
Tires: 11R22.5
Odometer: 391
Unit#: 9521
Location: Mt. Vernon, OH
Price: $151,000

For those interested in looking at a vacuum truck for sale in Ohio, let us first take a look at what exactly a vacuum truck is. They often provide extremely vital services to cities and businesses that need off and hazardous material removed from different sites and can make an excellent addition to your business or fleet.

Typically classified as a tank truck, vacuum trucks for sale in Columbus, Ohio, are large industrial trucks that have holding tanks and pumps. We will take a short look at what vacuum trucks for sale in Ohio are used for and where.

Vacuum Truck for Sale in Ohio

Vacuum trucks for sale in Columbus, Ohio are trucks that make use of a pump and a tank to pneumatically suck sludges, slurries, or liquids out of a location.  The liquid materials will be sucked up out of their location into the tank.  Vacuum trucks will then typically transport the materials to some sort of treatment or disposal site.

A vacuum truck for sale in Ohio is often going to be utilized in municipal or industrial settings to help suction water and debris from different areas. They are used to clear mud, clean out sewer systems, and also assist in environmental cleanup in cities.  Typically classified as a heavy-duty vehicle, vacuum trucks for sale in Columbus, Ohio are excellent for industrial industries or city use. They can also be used to help expose underground utilities in a way that dilutes the possibility of damaging things like pipelines, streetlights, natural gas transportation, and even internet services.

Vacuum trucks for sale in Columbus, Ohio work in a straightforward way. The pump attached to the truck remove the air from the tank, which creates the vacuum inside. The truck is been able to suck up liquid, sledges, and other potentially hazardous material from a job site or space that might otherwise be unreachable.

What Are Vacuum Trucks for Sale in Columbus, Ohio Used For?

Vacuum trucks for sale in Ohio are used for a wide range of material transport apart from what we discussed above as well. Some other unique materials that vacuum trucks can transport include:

  • Septage
  • Sewage sludge
  • Industrial liquids
  • Slurries that might include animal waste
  • Liquids from drilling job sites
  • Sludge clean up
  • Storage tank excess
  • Waste management

Another extremely unique use for vacuum trucks for sale in Columbus, Ohio comes in the form of life-saving jobs. Since vacuum trucks have such have you suction power, they can be used to help clean up environmental disasters or in rescue missions.  An environmental disaster that a vacuum truck might be used for might be an oil spill or an event where hazardous waste has contaminated a waterway.

Vacuum trucks for sale in Ohio can also be utilized when trenches, pits, or dig sites collapse on top of workers. Vacuum trucks are able to quickly suck up sludge tour mud from the site of an accident.

Vacuum Trucks for Sale in Columbus, Ohio

When it comes to vacuum trucks, they play essential roles in keeping cities and work sites clean. From environmental clean-up to waste management, they are an extremely useful truck to have on hand for your business.

When it comes to vacuum trucks for sale in Columbus, Ohio, you can look no further than Robertson Truck Group. Based in Columbus, Ohio, Robertson Truck Group has a wide variety of vacuum trucks for sale in Ohio that our valued clients are able to peruse. With a 15-acre campus and a large inventory, our sales professionals are more than ready to help you find the vacuum truck for sale in Ohio that is perfect for your needs. Contact us today to get started on looking for the right vacuum truck.

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