Truckers "Slow Roll" Protest Across the Country #BlackSmokeMatters

April 15, 2019

Another driver “Slow Roll” protest was scheduled for April 12th, 2019, in regards to the recent ELD (electronic logging devices) mandate from 2017.

In recent months, a group known as #BlackSmokeMatters has gained traction within the trucking community for their strong stance against this mandate. Many drivers are using the hashtag across social media as a symbol for the unification of commercial truckers willing to take a stand against the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.

The group is centered around the disapproval of ELD’s and other industry regulations being implemented. They have responded with organizing many “Slow Rolls” across many states including Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Kentucky & Ohio. A “Slow Roll” is when commercial trucks will overtake all lanes on a highway and reduce their speed to slow traffic down . See video below
Slow Roll from #BlackSmokeMatters

“The solution is to call for an industry-wide shutdown. This seems like a sensible idea because no one can force an individual to work. “

Direct Quote from #BlackSmokeMatters website

#BlackSmokeMatters is calling for a industry-wide shutdown of all drivers in order to gain large-scale media attention. The group has a very small online presence within the trucking community and coupled with a lack of direction. The website mainly consists of opinion-based biased research and videos of trucker’s negative response to dealing with ELD’s.


First, recent events continue to teach us that very little is solved through radical protests that effect the unsuspecting public. Truckers out on the roadways slowing down traffic are only confusing people. Equally as important, very few major news outlets are picking this story up as well so the message is ultimately not being communicated. The real method for change is through legislation and with indisputable facts. #BlackSmokeMatters presents itself very poorly with hokey social media campaigns and non-nonsensical threats . For example, check out the video below.

Check out this video found on the #BlackSmokeMatters website


In short, whether you like ELD’s or not, it appears they are here to stay. Government regulation is a difficult thing to change and often times quite expensive. The positives are that the trucking community can take what #BlackSmokeMatters has done and use it as an example for how NOT to handle business. We are an industry of professionals, lets portray ourselves that way.

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