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October 14, 2019

How to Pick the Right Manufacturer for Custom Truck Bodies

When you need a super-charged, highly specific truck to add to your fleet of vehicles, it’s advised that you don’t try to outfit a truck on your own.

Not only is the process difficult and time-consuming, but you need an understanding of vehicle safety and vehicle engineering in order to have a custom truck body that will last you a long time.

If you need custom truck bodies for industrial needs, like construction, transportation, or industrial manufacturing, it’s important that you know how to pick the right manufacturer for your job. Having an experienced and reliable manufacturer will ensure that your custom truck is not only safe, but it gets the job done exactly how you want it.

Here’s a guide in how to pick the right manufacturer, brought to you by Robertson Truck Group, a leading manufacturer in custom truck bodies for industrial needs.

  1. Outline Your Must-Haves and Can’t-Live-Without Features

When you start shopping for a manufacturer that will build custom truck bodies for industrial needs, approach them with exactly what you want in mind. They will be able to tell you the timeline, cost, if it’s even possible, and how each feature will affect another. For example, a heavier body with a metal bed will need axles and tires to support it, especially if it’s loaded up with heavy materials.

  1. Tell the Manufacturer Your Industry

Each industry has a unique set of job functions that differ from one another. What employees have to do in construction is different than what they have to do in utility repair or transportation. When you meet with a manufacturer, they should be able to tell you what the standard features are for your industry’s vehicle fleet and also be able to show you how upgraded features on custom truck bodies will make the job easier.

  1. Have a Realistic Budget

Don’t try to undercut a reputable manufacturer by threatening to have your custom body job done at a cheaper place. They will most likely turn you away. And even more likely, that cheaper place won’t use high-quality parts or will do a poor job that falls apart after a few hundred miles. The right manufacturer will be able to quote you a fair price for high-quality work. If you want to know how to pick the right manufacturer, understand that budget shouldn’t be a deal breaker when you approach different companies.

  1. Both Sides Should Be Communicative

When you meet with a manufacturer for a quote, ask them what their process is for updates and requests throughout the custom build. A good manufacturer will tell you when it’s almost done, but an even better manufacturer will update you every important step of the way. But communication is a two-way street, and you have to be able to respond quickly to correspondence in order to keep the process moving forward.

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