Why Should I Consider a Rotator Wrecker?

August 19, 2022

Accidents will always happen. Sometimes accidents occur on easily accessible residential streets where standard tows are more than capable of handling the cleanup; however, not all wrecks are as simple as attaching the hitch and driving to the nearest repair shop.

When tough recoveries need to be done, that’s when the heavy-duty equipment comes into play, and there’s nothing heavier than a rotator wrecker.

Here are three reasons why rotators are a big leap forward from normal wreckers and standard tow vehicles.

Cars that end up off-road

Anytime a car finds itself off the road there’s a good chance the rotator wrecker will be your preferred choice.

It’s just not worth it to put a standard tow on difficult terrain and run the risk of getting your vehicle stuck.

Rotator wreckers are basically portable cranes with arms rotating 360 degrees and a boom that can stretch out to 30 feet.

So whether the vehicle is down an embankment, in rough terrain, or just at an angle too tight for normal wreckers, the rotator can turn any tough recoveries into straightforward jobs.

Sometimes tow trucks need tow trucks

Let’s face it, not all big rig drivers are perfect. Slick roads and bad weather can put even the most experienced drivers in the ditch. And when that happens, the rotator wrecker is the easiest way to get them back on the road.

With unrivaled size, strength, and maneuverability, rotators go far beyond the capabilities of standard wrecker models.

A few versions of this unit can lift up to 70 tons (140,000 pounds) with ease. But, if you think that’s overkill, don’t worry.

Wreckers come in all shapes, sizes, capabilities, and prices, so if you’re in need of a custom-built wrecker in Ohio, Robertson Truck Group has exactly what you’re looking for.

Boost your fleet and your marketability

Rotator wreckers are some of the most expensive trucks out there, but that also makes them the most exclusive.

By adding one to your fleet you will put your company on a short list of places that can handle the most difficult vehicle recoveries.

Once companies know there isn’t a single job too big for you and your team, you will become the go-to service for your entire area’s towing and recovery needs.

If you’re concerned about the price, you can check out Robertson’s fleet of heavy-duty wreckers for sale in Columbus Ohio. With one of the largest inventories in the area, there is sure to be something that fits your needs and your budget.

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