Discount Trailers for Sale in Cleveland Ohio

March 18, 2020

Looking for trailers for sale in Ohio can be downright frustrating and annoying. Driving all over the city to find trailers for sale in Cleveland, Ohio, just to end the day empty-handed with no new trailer is enough to keep anyone down in the dumps. However, there are plenty of companies in Ohio that serve all major cities and towns, including Cleveland, Ohio.

Here are some of the trailers for sale in Ohio offered by Robertson Truck Group

  1. Chipper Trailer

Chipper trailers for sale in Cleveland, Ohio, aren’t hard to find. Perfect for hauling wood like mulch, chips, logs, and other small materials. They’re available in either open- or closed-top configurations. Robertson Truck Group has 2016 Switch n Go chipper trailers available in stock.

  1. Drop Deck Trailer

Great for transporting and hauling taller loads, drop deck trailers are fairly common across many industries. Its long, flat body and step-down configuration makes it easy to load and unload a variety of materials, whether it be for transporting construction equipment or materials.

  1. Dump Trailers

Probably one of the most common trailers in the trucking and trucking equipment industry, finding dump trailers for sale in Ohio may be easy. With a hydraulic lift that allows the bed to be raised to unload materials, it’s a must-have for almost any construction or heavy-duty company. Robertson Truck Group has a variety of dump trailers for sale in Cleveland, Ohio, that will not only meet your needs, but stay within budget.

  1. Tilt Bed Trailers

When transporting equipment and vehicles, this is where the tilt bed trailer comes in. It’s lo-fi configuration makes it easy for anyone to operate — simply add weight to the end of the trailer so the back touches the ground, then roll the medium- or light-duty vehicle onto the trailer and secure it. Tilt bed trailers can transport tractors, ATVS, and sometimes even cars.

  1. Utility / Light Duty Trailers

These are some of the most versatile trailers in the industry. A utility trailer can be used for anything from transporting materials, equipment, and more, to hauling equipment around town for multiple appointments. Because of its light-weight build, utility and light-duty trailers are typically less expensive than their all-metal, heavy-duty counterparts.

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