Switch N Go Hoist Systems Review

January 2, 2020

Switch N Go Hoist Systems. What are they? Why should my business buy one? How can they save me money? Are they worth it?

These are all important questions that can be answered in one short statement. All in one. It’s simple, with a Switch N Go system on the back of your truck, you just upgraded your business to now owning a fleet of trucks.

Lets start with the how. By installing a Switch N Go hydraulic or electric hoist on the back of your truck onto the frame, you now have the capability to apply multiple bodies for a wide variety of tasks. By utilizing Switch N Go’s cable system, bodies are easily interchangeable by unlatching the safety pin, powering the hoist system upwards and releasing the cable winch to allow the body to easily slide onto the ground (reverse steps for on-boarding bodies).

See the 30-sec video below

The Why might be the easiest and simplest part of the equation. Possessing fewer trucks requires less overhead (less drivers, mechanical labor, wear & tear, etc.) but your business still maintains if not grows it’s potential. Possessing the ability to service rural areas, as well as tight city and urban areas, you can go where your competitors cannot with a Switch N Go System.

Switch N Go System Review

Overall the Switch N Go System is a useful and dynamic piece of equipment to apply to your current or next truck. They are user friendly, durable and can ultimately add major value to your business or fleet. We strongly recommend Switch N Go to all of our clients.

See our complete inventory of Switch N Go trucks here, here, or here.




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