5 Sure-Fire Ways to Maintain the Resale Value of Your Heavy-Duty Truck

December 13, 2019

Sometimes you outgrow your heavy-duty truck or you’re ready for an upgrade and you want to finance it with the sale of your current vehicle. But even if you do plan to sell your current heavy-duty truck, you have to make sure you get enough cash from the sale to make it worthwhile.

As you drive your current vehicle — if you ever plan to sell it — it’s critical to maintain the resale value of your heavy-duty truck. Here’s five sure-fire ways to do that:

  1. Consider reselling before you buy

Before you even buy a new heavy-duty truck, think about the resale value. There are certain brands that keep its resale value more easily than others. Furthermore, if you over specify the truck, it could become harder to resell it when it’s time for a new one. Start with your current needs and keep it closer to the basic side.

  1. Proper maintenance

As with any vehicle, it’s important to perform routine maintenance and checkups. That’s how you ensure its efficiency and reliability as you drive and use it. Furthermore, when you go to sell it, having a complete history of oil changes, tire rotations, and other maintenance records will help maintain the resale value of your heavy-duty truck over the long term.

  1. First impressions

One of the easiest ways to maintain the resale value of your heavy-duty truck is to wash it before you put it on the market. Give it a nice wax and polish to show off it’s true value — after all, first impression matter. If you try to sell a vehicle covered in dirt and grime, then it’ll be harder to sell it for what it’s really worth. If needed, a fresh paint job can also help increase the resale value of the heavy-duty truck.

  1. Use the truck for its intended purpose

When you drive your current equipment, you help maintain the resale value of your heavy-duty truck if you use it for its intended purpose. That is to say, don’t drive a truck meant for paved roads on rough terrain. A truck not meant to haul tons of boulders and rocks will show more wear and tear than if it was used for transporting light-weight materials.

  1. Get the truck appraised

Before you set a price, get the truck appraised by experts. This will not only back up what you think your heavy-duty car is worth, but it could result in a higher price than what you originally believed — which is always a good thing.

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