Professional Tips to Sell your Dump Truck

December 29, 2022

It would be nice if selling your dump truck was as simple as opening your Craigslist and Offer Up apps, posting a few pictures taken on your smartphone, and then waiting as the offers roll in.

Unfortunately, that’s not the reality for these types of high-level sales. The market of dump truck buyers is relatively small, and the prices are high, so there needs to be a little more thought and care to make sure you get top-dollar for your vehicle.

Here are a few professional tips to make sure your sale goes smoothly, and your return is high.

Get a Written Inspection

If you’re confident in your truck’s condition, or if you don’t mind paying a little extra to have some final tune-ups done before posting your truck, get an independent inspection done by a mechanic so the buyers don’t have to.

Some people may still want to have their own mechanic look at it before purchasing but doing the legwork will show buyers that you are serious and are confident you are selling a good product.

Of course, you run the risk of finding out some not-so-flattering things about your truck, but an inspection will allow you to get out ahead of any bad news and you can figure out how to proceed from there.

The “Little Things” Go a Long Way

Although very few people purchase a dump truck for how clean it looks on the outside, people will still negatively judge your rig if the appearance is unkempt.

Buyers will automatically assume, even if it is, that a truck with major external problems will also have internal problems.

If the upholstery is dirty and the tires are worn, then it’s only logical to assume that the engine and other components may be in dire need of maintenance as well.

Finding the Right Platform to Sell

Even though making a listing on eBay or Craigslist is incredibly tempting due to its simplicity, they’re not the sites where most serious buyers are looking to purchase

Put the extra work in and speak to as many online sales outlets who specifically deal with rigs like semi-trucks and dump trucks. These companies know the market better than anyone and will be able to connect you with interested and serious buyers.

There will be a fee for working with these outlets, but the convenience of getting hundreds, if not thousands, of high-quality prospects looking at your rig is well worth it.

Contact Robertson Truck Group

Now that we’ve helped you get rid of your old dump truck, you might be wondering where to find one to replace it with. If you’re looking for dump trucks for sale near Columbus Ohio, the Robertson Truck Group has just what you’re looking for.

Robertson Truck Group has been serving Central Ohio for the last 25 years by providing excellent deals and excellent service to owner-operators and fleet owners alike.

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