Benefits of Buying a Heavy Duty Truck from a Local Dealer

December 19, 2022

There are thousands upon thousands of options across the country to purchase a heavy-duty truck, and not a single one of them is more than just a simple Google search away.

However, with all that connectivity, people tend to overlook the many benefits of shopping locally for their big rig trucks. We’ll go over just a few.

Supporting Local Economy

One of the most obvious benefits of shopping locally is that you’ll be keeping all that money in the community. That includes the income going to the business and its workers and the sales tax going back to the community.

Purchases of this magnitude can keep businesses alive, people employed, and communities thriving.

That’s not to say that you should buy a bad vehicle just because it’s local, but it is important to think about minor differences in comparable vehicles that can be outweighed when you consider the local impact a purchase at a nearby dealer can make.


With all vehicles, you’ll need to test drive and either you or a licensed mechanic have it inspected before purchase. When this is done at a local dealership you’ll save money on gas and save time on the commute.

There’s also a psychological benefit to shopping locally. When you travel long distances to potentially buy something, you’ll be more inclined to make the purchase even if you’re not completely in love with it, just because you don’t want to come back empty-handed.

But when you’re looking at rigs at nearby dealers, the trip is no more burdensome than a grocery run and it’ll be much easier to walk away from deals that aren’t right for you.

Maintenance and Warranty Benefits

Buying from a local dealer will also make any subsequent maintenance and warranty claims much easier to get.

When you buy non-locally, you’ll always have to weigh how much you’ll need to spend on gas and other expenses whenever vehicle issues arise. But local dealers are just a short drive away, making tune-ups and warranty claims a breeze.

You’ll also be able to develop relationships much easier with people who are local, and there’s nothing more uncomfortable than having someone you don’t trust tinkering with something as valuable to you as your big rig.

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