New Truck Driver’s Guide to Buying a Used Semi-Trailer

November 10, 2020

When you are looking at where to buy used semi-trailers and how, there are some really important things to keep in mind. From what you need the semi-trailer to do to different features that might already come equipped on the trailer, considering different elements as a new truck driver can be a big part of the process when looking at used semi-trailers for sale.

As experienced professionals in the industry we have pulled together a guide to buying a used semi-trailer for the new truck driver. You will have some simple tips and tricks to help you in getting the process started.

Guide to Buying A Used Semi-Trailer

Know What You Need

Used semi-trailers for sale can range in what they are able to do as far as work, hauling, and more. Semi-trailers may have features that do not quite fit what you are looking for or used semi-trailers for sale may align perfectly.

Some things to consider when looking at used semi-trailers for sale:

  • What kind of truck is the trailer compatible with?
  • Are there are specific considerations you need to keep in mind when looking?
  • What length of trailer do you want?
  • What are some safety features you find most important?

Taking these questions into consideration when reading this guide to buying a used semi-trailer can help you narrow down the types of trailers that you want to look at.

Plan A Budget

Like with any large purchase, when you are looking at used semi-trailers for sale it is important to know your budget. Used semi-trailers are a fantastic way to save, especially as a new truck driver.

Things to consider when making a budget can include:

  • What can you comfortably spend?
  • Do the features on the used semi-trailer align with what you need?
  • Is your budget fixed, within a certain range, or flexible?

When considering where to buy used semi-trailers, keeping your budget in mind will be a large benefit. Choosing to look at used semi-trailers for sale at Robertson Truck Group will allow you to stay within your budget easily since we work hard to keep our customers on budget. We also offer a variety of financing options to make sure that you can leave our lot with what you are looking.


Trailer length is a big consideration for any truck driver, including the new truck driver. In this guide to buying a used semi-trailer, we are covering some of the most important aspects to think about when looking at used semi-trailers for sale.

When looking at semi-trailers, knowing what kind of length you need will help you in the long run. Consider the kind of work you will be doing. Are you frequently leaving parts of your previous trailer or borrowed trailer empty?

That might be an indicator for a shorter trailer. If you are unsure of the length, our expert team of sales professionals will be able to assist you in breaking down what trailer length will suit your purposes!


When looking at used semi-trailers for sale, consider the kind of flooring in the trailer. Two common types of flooring are wood and aluminum and they both bring different elements to a trailer.

Aluminum flooring will result in a used semi-trailer for sale that is light, but wood flooring often makes it easier to secure loads to the planks themselves. You can also much more easily replace wood flooring once the planks wear out.

Where to Buy Used Semi-Trailers

In this guide to buying a used semi-trailer, we hope that you have found our tips helpful! Now when you consider where to buy used semi-trailers, keep Robertson Truck Group in mind. With over 35 years in the truck industry, our experienced team is ready and waiting to help new truck drivers choose the perfect used semi-trailer for sale.

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