How to Select the Safest Truck Upfit in Ohio

October 8, 2020

When it comes to how to select the safest truck upfit, there are a number of things to keep in mind. When a truck chassis is upfitted, large changes are made to the overall chassis itself so specific safety needs will have to be met. With that though, we have put together a list of ways to on how to select the safest truck upfit for your needs.

Since safety is a prime concern on any kind of job site, keeping safety in mind when you are upfitting trucks is a high priority. Working with commercial truck upfitters in Ohio to ensure the safest truck upfit is one way to guarantee that you are getting the best work done to your vehicles!

As commercial truck upfitters in Ohio, we want to make sure you have knowledge on how to select the safest truck upfit when looking to make major changes to your vehicle. So we have pulled together a few features to consider when looking for the safest truck upfit.

Auxiliary Lighting

When asking how to select the safest truck upfit, consider auxiliary lighting. Auxiliary lighting is used across many kinds of jobs including road construction, utilities, and other jobs that work in and near traffic. auxiliary lighting makes it much easier for others to see the vehicle, especially if workers are operating at night or in inclement weather.

Access Steps

As commercial truck upfitters in Ohio, we love to see access steps on commercial vehicles, especially heavy-duty trucks. when outfitting a truck with access steps, getting into and out of a cab is much easier and safer. Access steps can be added to the rear bumper of a truck which helps reduce step height. And they can also be added to the cab.

Ladder Racks

Ladder racks certainly fall into the list of how to select the safest truck upfit because they create easy access to different tools. Ergonomics is a word that you might not consider within the commercial vehicle industry, but it can play a key role in safety when it comes to commercial trucks. A truck that has drop down feature allows the user of the vehicle to grab the ladder without overexerting their back or overhead lifting. This inclusion of a ladder rack helps minimize risk of injury.


As commercial truck upfitters in Ohio, we have seen our fair share of liftgates added in a truck upfit. Heavy lifting, a common need on job sites, can be done by a machine now. Liftgates are an excellent way to lower cargo from the truck cargo space to the ground. liftgate, if added to the back of a truck, can help to greatly prevent back injuries when heavy lifting needs to get done.

Back Up Alarms and Rear-View Cameras

Talking about how to select the safest truck upfit, backing up might come to mind. That is why back up alarms and rear-view cameras are certainly something to take into consideration with a truck outfit. Commercial vehicles tend to be large, and visibility can become an issue. Back up alarms are a good way to tell people around you, including other drivers and workers, that you are backing up.

And a review camera offers an additional visual aid to backing up. Especially when you consider that for commercial vehicle drivers, seeing directly behind the vehicle can be extremely difficult.

Work with Robertson Truck Group

When you are wondering how to select the safest truck of it, we really hope that these elements are something you can take into consideration. As commercial truck upfitters in Ohio, Robertson Truck Group has 35 years’ experience in the truck industry. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is ready and waiting to get started discussing your truck upfit.

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