How To Effectively Manage Your Fleet of Dump Trucks

June 23, 2021

As someone who may be looking at work trucks for sale in Ohio to add to your dump truck fleet, we know you might be looking up tips and tricks on how to effectively manage your fleet of dump trucks. Looking to add one of Robertson Truck Group’s used dump trucks for sale in Ohio, to your fleet may be the perfect time to brush up on how to manage said fleet; which is a critical task to undertake.

A refresh or taking in some new ideas on how to manage your fleet is never a bad thing. Running a fleet of work trucks for sale in Ohio in an efficient manner is something that might be a goal for you. And as experts in the work truck space, we have pulled together a few ideas on how you can most effectively manage your fleet.

Good Communication

Communication is going to be a key way to effective management of your dump truck fleet. Communicating with drivers and other employees that are part of your operation is the best way to ensure that everyone understands expectations.

Having meaningful conversations and keeping your team on the same page can make a difference. So as a fleet manager of a fleet composed of used dump trucks for sale in Columbus, Ohio, how can you establish good communication with your team?

  1. Keep on top of communication from the get-go. This might be through emails, an open-door policy, team meetings, or any other method that works for you.
  2. Ask for feedback! Your drivers are going to be the ones spending the most time with the work trucks for sale in Ohio that you have added to your fleet. They can provide valuable feedback on the status of work, your trucks, and how things are operating.
  3. If you feel you need it, consider a communications course. A communications course may give you some new ways to better communicate with your fleet!

Streamline Scheduling

As a fleet manager, you know that scheduling is an important part of the business. So making an effort to streamline scheduling can make things a little easier on you and your team.

To streamline scheduling, you might consider a program or organization method that allows you to easily keep track of job schedules, send out reminders, and offers your team the ability to clock in and out with an app.

With the range of apps and technology out there, streamlining your scheduling is becoming easier than ever before. To effectively manage your fleet of former work trucks for sale in Ohio, consider a streamlined approach to scheduling.

Fleet Maintenance

Along with the logistics behind running a fleet like scheduling and communication, fleet maintenance is another important element to your role as a fleet manager. Ensuring that regular service and repairs are done to the dump trucks in your fleet keeps you on track.

To keep on top of fleet maintenance, you can do the following:

  1. Keep track of any repairs and services that are completed. Know what trucks have upcoming service and keep these records in one, easy to access location.
  2. Driver checklists can come in handy. They are a simple way for drivers to run through a quick and easy inspection of a dump truck before getting to work.
  3. Consider your future purchases of used dump trucks for sale in Columbus, Ohio well ahead of time. Keep in mind your fleet’s needs and the investment you are looking to make in any future trucks you might want to add to your fleet.

Robertson Truck Group – Work Trucks for Sale in Ohio

Now that we have discussed how to effectively manage your dump truck fleet, you might be wondering where to look for your next addition to the said fleet. When you look for used dump trucks for sale in Columbus, Ohio, consider Robertson Truck Group. We have years of experience in the truck industry and our team is ready and waiting to assist you in finding the next addition to your fleet!

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