How to Build the Right Custom Tow Truck

May 11, 2021

There is something to be said about working with custom tow truck builders in Ohio to get the custom tow truck that suits your needs perfectly. Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned fleet manager, a custom tow truck can be a worthy investment.

The process of considering custom low bed tow trucks for sale in Ohio might seem slightly daunting at first. But working with an experienced manufacturer and having a good understanding of what you are looking for can go a long way to making the process as simple as possible.

To help you get started looking at custom low bed tow trucks for sale in Ohio, we have put together a quick guide on what you will want to know.

1: Consider the Features and Body You Want In Your Custom Tow Truck

The first step to the process of having your custom low bed tow trucks for sale in Ohio built to your specifications is to take stock of what kind of features you want. This is important not only for you to know, but also for the custom tow truck builders in Ohio that you will be working with.

The body of your custom tow truck might differ depending on the main purposes you need it for or even the industry that you work in. Construction, repair work, or towing are all going to have differences that custom tow truck builders in Ohio will be able to lay out for you. They will also know the standard features of each truck.

So let’s take a look at the different kinds of features that custom tow truck builders in Ohio will be able to upgrade or add to the body of the tow truck you want:

  • Comfort inside of the cab by way of seats, layout, and material
  • Hydraulic system
  • Custom lighting kits
  • Transmission
  • Frame alterations
  • Wheelbase modifications
  • Lift axle configurations

2: Layout Your Budget

After figuring out the kind of modifications and additions you are going to want in one of the custom low bed trucks for sale in Ohio, next step is to take a realistic look at your budget. You are going to know your finances best, so take stock of how much you can realistically spend on custom work for your new tow truck.

By working with reputable custom tow truck builders in Ohio like Robertson Truck Group, you can get a fair quote for high quality work. Understanding your budget will help you and the manufacturer in figuring out the scope of work.

3: Communicate with Your Manufacturer

When you are working with a manufacturer on custom low bed tow trucks for sale in Ohio, communication is going to be important. Effective communication on both ends ensures that everyone knows what is going on at any given time.

The manufacturer, like Robertson Truck Group, can supply updates and requests throughout the process of the custom build. And you, as the customer, can communicate back and forth as needed as well. Communication helps to keep everything smooth as you work with custom tow truck builders in Ohio.

Work With Robertson Truck Group for Custom Low Bed Tow Trucks for Sale in Ohio

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