FedEx Forgets to Set Parking Brake on Semi Truck

June 13, 2019

Well, this is as funny as it is sad. Sure, we all forget to turn lights off when we leave the room or maybe even forget put the toilet seat down. BUT this is on a whole other level.

First, shout out to the guy in the truck filming with his dash cam running (no pun intended) doing absolutely nothing to help this poor driver out. Obviously this driver forgot to set his brake while making his delivery and just happened to be at the top of a hill.

He makes a respectable attempt to run his truck down and appears to have the speed but not the stamina to catch up to his ride.

Luckily, no one was injured and he got away with just clipping a tree but this story could have been much worse. Here is a friendly reminder to always double check those parking brakes.

So what is your thoughts on the situation? Is there any benefit to speed limiters or is it just over regulation? Comment here to let us know!

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