6 Inches from Death-Steel Beam Crashes Through Box Truck's Windshield

February 25, 2020

Driving down the highway and WHAM!!! Glass everywhere and suddenly a large steel beam crashes through your windshield.  You have no idea what just occurred but then realize the steering wheel is the only thing that saved your life. This was a insane reality for Johnnie Lowe on I-96 in Michigan this past week.  Johnnie had been following a flatbed truck down the highway with a variety of steel material on it but when the truck changed lanes, it had left something behind. Suddenly, a steel beam was tumbling down the roadway at speeds upward of 65-mph. Next thing he knew, a steel beam crashed through the window. Luckily, the steering wheel stopped the beam preventing serious injury. See photos below of the incredibly rare occurrence.








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