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Kioti Tractor Auger Ohio

A Kioti auger is an integral part of their top-of-the-line post-hole diggers. Owning a Kioti post-hole digger in Ohio is a dream come true for many. That’s because Kioti is in a league of their own when it comes to any of their equipment.

If you are planning on digging post holes in Ohio, Kioti post hole diggers are the easiest and safest pieces of equipment to use. Of course, just like with all machinery, you want to be educated on the proper procedures for operating a Kioti post hole digger.

The 3 models of Kioti post-hole diggers include The PD20, the PD25, and the PD40. There are specifications as to which augers can be used with these models.

If you are interested in Kioti tractor augers available in Ohio keep reading!

First, check out the different models of Kioti post-hole diggers available in Ohio.

Kioti Post Hole Digger Models 

Model PD20 PD25 PD40
Product Description Standard-Duty Post Hole Digger Standard-Duty Post Hole Digger Heavy-Duty Post Hole Digger
Tractor PTO Range (hp) 14-25 20-35 35-95
Tractor Hitch Category 0, Ltd 1, & 1 Category 1 Category 1 & 2
Approximate Weight (lb.) 140 146 238
Drive Type Gearbox Gearbox Gearbox
Tractor PTO Speed (rpm) 540 540 540
Shear Pin Standard Standard Standard
Positioning Handle Standard Standard Standard
Hydraulic Downforce Kit Optional Optional Optional
Parking Stand Optional Optional Optional
Auger (Diameter x Length) (in.) 6, 9, 12 x 36 6, 9, 12, 18 x 48 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30 x 48
Auger Extension (in.) Optional (12) Optional (12) Optional (12)

Kioti Augers

Here are the specifics for the different types of Kioti tractor augers available in Ohio.

Auger PD20 PD25 PD40
6″ x 36″ Semidouble Auger Yes
9″ x 36″ Semidouble Auger Yes
12″ x 36″ Semidouble Auger Yes
6″ x 48″ Semidouble Auger Yes Yes
9″ x 48″ Semidouble Auger Yes Yes
12″ x 48″ Semidouble Auger Yes Yes
18″ x 48″ Semidouble Auger Yes
24″ x 48″ Semidouble Auger Yes

Kioti Auger Safety and Prep

When buying a Kioti front auger in Ohio make sure you have the operator’s manual for your Kioti post hole digger.

This will help you understand any operating instructions before using this type of machinery.

You should protect yourself by wearing protective eyewear, gloves, tight-fitting clothing, hearing protection, and proper footwear (steel-toe boots).

Precision is absolutely necessary when marking the locations where the holes will go. You also need to know the area and what kind of soil you will be dealing with.

Then you’re ready to dig in! Kioti front augers are known to be perfect for Ohio’s terrain to make the job as easy as possible.

It’s Time to Dig

Position your Kioti front auger over the location of the first hole. Use the hitch to raise the auger up off the ground and get it in a vertical position.

At this point, you’ll lower your Kioti front auger to the ground. With a Kioti tractor auger, you’ll easily be able to maneuver the augers’ tip from your tractor seat.

Put your engine in idle and let the auger penetrate the ground. Lower your hitch as needed as you continue to drill. Using a Kioti post hole digger in Ohio allows several inches to be easily dug out at a time.

Repeat this process until you get the hole as deep as you need it.

You’ll be amazed at how easy your Kioti post hole digger does the job!

You Can’t Beat Kioti Augers

When it comes to getting a post-hole digger in Ohio, Kioti is the only way to go. For the past 25 years, Kioti has been a leader in the tractor industry.

Whatever job in Ohio you need to be done, Kioti has got the right equipment for you.

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Robertson Truck Sales was founded in 1984 by Phil Robertson in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

As Kioti tractor dealers in Ohio, we are happy to have such a variety of Kioti tractors for sale across our 15-acre campus.

When it comes to being an Ohio Kioti tractor dealer, we are able to provide our clients with access to tractors that come with quality and commitment attached to the name. Contact us today

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