Why Flatbed Trucks Are A Perfect Solution for Transporting Oversized Loads

September 14, 2020

When we discuss flatbed trucks, one of the most common questions that comes up is always “what are flatbed trucks used for?”. They are often seen on the road carrying any variety of cargo from manufactured homes to farm equipment. Just about any kind of cargo, as long as it is loaded and secured properly, can be transported by a flatbed.

So, when answering the question “what are flatbed trucks used for”, transportation is the number one answer. But there is more to “what are flatbed trucks used for” that we are going to explore a bit more in depth below, including why they are an excellent solution for transporting oversized loads.

Types of Cargo

As a starting point for what are flatbed trucks used for, we can take a look at the various types of cargo that can be transported.

  •  Farm equipment
  •  Military equipment
  •  Prefabricated and manufactured buildings and homes
  •  Concrete culverts
  •  Logs
  •  Building supplies
  •  Other vehicles
  •  Industrial machinery (both regular and oversize)
  •  Construction equipment like backhoes, bulldozers, and more

When considering the type of cargo you want to haul, there are various flatbed trucks for sale in Ohio that are able to move any number of the above cargo.

 What Are Flatbed Trucks Used For

One large thing that flatbed trucks are used for includes hauling oversize loads.  What flatbed trucks are used for in regard to oversize loads include the cargo mentioned above that might become an oversize load for any number of reasons.

Flatbed trucks are excellent for oversize loads because they often allow oversize loads to extend beyond the edges of the trailer or truck. This makes them the go-to choice for oversize loads, that are often very wide, tall, or long.

Since the main goal of getting cargo anywhere is to get it from point A to point B, flatbed trucks are an excellent choice for this. Any number of flatbed trucks for sale in Ohio make a perfect option to transport cargo that might be oversized. With oversize loads in mind, flatbed trucks are extremely versatile. They can move oversize cargo or really strangely shaped cargo that might not fit in a box.

What is An Oversize Load?

When we ask the question “what are flatbed trucks used for”, we know one of the biggest answers is oversize loads. But what is an oversize load?

In simple terms, an oversize load is any load that is higher, heavier, or wider than what is regularly permitted to travel in an area. Oversize loads do require permitting and may also require an escort of some sort.

Depending on each individual state that you might travel through, you will need to be aware of the restrictions that might apply to operation of a vehicle with an oversize load. This can affect what time of day you can drive, safety requirements you need to meet, and other additional concerns.

So, when we answer the question “what are flatbed trucks used for”, the answer in regards to oversize loads is simple. Flatbed trucks offer one of the most versatile modes of transportation for oversize loads that you can think of.

Flatbed Trucks for Sale In Ohio

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