Plan For Upfitting Your Work Truck Made Easy

September 11, 2019

How to Plan for Upfitting Your Work Truck

When you have a truck that you need outfitted for specific job, you just can’t do it yourself. No matter how mechanically inclined you believe yourself to be, upfitting and outfitting work trucks are nigh impossible without a mechanical bay and the right tools and equipment to get the job done.

Furthermore, depending on the size of your fleet, you may need your upfitting job done at a cost-effective price and you can’t afford to make mistakes if you go a DIY route. It can’t be stressed enough that upfitting trucks should be done by truck and trucking equipment professionals, like the ones at Robertson Truck Group.

So, whether you need your truck to store equipment in a certain way, perform specific tasks while on-site, or you just need something better than what you have for transport, here’s how to plan for upfitting your work truck, made easy by the experts at Robertson Truck Group.

1. Know exactly what you need.

Take a moment to identify exactly what you want your work truck to be able to do. Before looking for an upfitter, write down the specifications you want, your budget, your truck’s make and model, and the line of work that you’re in for your upfitter. Upfitting your work truck will be made easy with as much information as you can give them.

Don’t hold back with what you want your truck to look like and do but be prepared to make concessions and drop some specifications for budget and safety reasons.

2. Shop for an upfitter.

We’ll be the first to tell you that Robertson Truck Group is the company for upfitting your work truck made easy, but if you don’t believe us, at least take our advice on looking for the upfitter for you.

Read online reviews, talk to your contacts in your industry, or ask for recommendations from other colleagues to help you find a work truck upfitter.

Furthermore, look at the stability of the company and what else they have to offer. Will you receive returning customer benefits or any financing help with your order? Talk to their customer services department and make sure they have a way to make their customers happy with more than just upfitting.

3. Keep in contact with the company

Once you’ve signed on with the upfitting company, another way to plan for upfitting your work truck, made easy is to keep in contact with that company. This means throughout the upfitting process and even after — if you have questions or have another order, the upfitting company should be able to get your order processed faster since there is already a rapport.

4. Contact Robertson Truck Group

If you have just a small 3- to 4-truck order or a giant fleet of trucks that need upfitting, contact the truck and trucking equipment experts at Robertson Truck Group. Our large facilities and full-service auto mechanical shop means that our customers get high-quality upfitting services. We have the services that make upfitting your work truck easy.

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