Semi Truck Crashes Through Cars On Highway

March 22, 2019


There is not paying attention, then there is this level of not paying attention. This semi truck crash is up there in the damage category. Talk about a terrible day for the…3,4,5..we count 7 cars involved in that “accident.”

However, if you ever wondered how fast you have to be going in an international single-cab tractor trailer to clear out the center lane, the answer is 60mph. Can you imagine the story he told his boss about how he was just sitting at the old 10 & 2 position with the cruise set and how the string of cars just came out of nowhere? Luckily, in 2019, we have people randomly filming out of their rear windows in dodge minivans to capture all of the action and spread it across the internet. Hopefully this man no longer is legally allowed to operate a commercial vehicle.

Let this be a daily reminder that we have under-qualified individuals in our industry that are driving 80,000lb weapons that don’t move out of the way, they make things move out of their way. A semi truck crash event as horrific as this is no laughing matter though, we hope everyone involved made a quick recovery. This shows how much responsibility truckers have each and every day out there on the road. Drive safe everyone and keep your eyes on the road.

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