Tips for Renting a Storage Container in Ohio

August 28, 2019

Steps to Take Before Renting a Storage Container

Storage containers are also known as freight containers, intermodal containers, conex boxes, sea cans, or portable storage units. Just like they have many names, they also have many uses. Storage containers can be used for — like what the name implies — storage, but it’s not just for industrial or shipping companies. Construction companies can use them to secure equipment on-site, rather than transporting machinery or other heavy-duty things from one place to the site. Agricultural business can utilize storage containers to permanently and safely secure farming equipment as well.

Because renting a storage container is an easy way to help your business secure documents, store equipment and lock up other important things, here’s 5 tips for renting a storage container.

1. Determine the size of container you need.

This is first on the list because it’s arguably the most important one. There’s no need to be charged extra money for a larger container if you don’t plan on using the entire space. Plus, a larger container takes up space that could be better used for other purposes.

2. Shop around with different companies

The first storage rental company that you find in a Google search doesn’t have to be the one you go with. If you want to make renting a Conex storage container fast and easy, you’re going to have to rethink your idea of “fast.” Unless you’re under dire time constraints, it would behoove you to take your time shopping around different companies to determine which one gives you the best quality storage container for the best deal.

3. Decide what features you want on the storage container

Depending on what you’re planning to use the storage container for, you need to decide what features you want before renting a storage container. Color, lock rods, lock hasps, fork pockets for portability and more are all features that you should consider before renting just any old container. If you’re looking for a certain aesthetic or branding on your storage container, color is important. If you need high-level security and weather-resistant features to secure documents and equipment, then put that on your list as well.

4. Prepare the storage area

Once you’ve signed on with a storage container rental company and picked out the features you need for quality storage container use, make sure that the surface it will be placed on is suitable. The surface must be level, flat and cleared of debris before installation and/or delivery.

5. Contact Robertson Truck Group to make renting a Conex storage container fast and easy.

At Robertson Truck Group, we make it easy and affordable to rent a storage container from our inventory. We also offer lease-to-own options for businesses that need long-term and indefinite storage solutions. Our friendly staff is ready to help you determine the size, security, and more features that you need from one of our storage containers. Contact us today to get started with renting a storage container.

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