Storage Container Security: What Security Is Available for My Storage Container?

May 29, 2019

Your storage container holds valuable product. That’s your business’s livelihood and your source of income. It’s critical to secure your product and ensure that your storage containers are kept safe from damages, thieves, vandals and other threats to your business.

For storage and cargo containers, there’s a wide variety of security measures you can take to lock up your product and ensure your business’s success. Box Trucks for Sale

The first line of defense is lining the perimeter of your property with a fence to make it harder for vandals, thieves and animals to enter your property and start causing damages. But what really matters is how you lock up your containers. When it comes to storage container security, it’s best to employ multiple measures of security. However, there are a wide range of locking mechanisms available. Read more to find out which one may be best for your storage container security needs. Best Ways to Secure your Storage Containers

Container Locks

This is a simple product that is easily installed and pretty straightforward. Container padlocks are an inexpensive form of storage container security but is also easy to tamper with. Padlocks simple clip in where the hasps meet the horizontal locking rod and prevent the handles from being pulled outward and open. Consider using padlocks for low-grade storage containers that hold little to no product.

Lock Boxes

Container lock boxes require a little bit of handiwork to install, but they are an incredibly useful way to secure your container. They are installed on the seam between the two doors of the container and prevent the doors from being opened — even if the locking rods are disengaged from their positions. Lock boxes are cut, drill and pick resistant, so even the most determined of vandals or thieves will have a very hard time trying to get in.

Heavy Duty Door Lock

Heavy duty door locks are the highest level of security you can place on a storage container. The lock secures one door to the other to prevent the doors from being opened. They are a great, yet slightly expensive way, to achieve storage container security. For all of your storage container security needs and security equipment wants, contact Robertson Truck Group. Even if you have questions about security measures and what options are available to you for securing your cargo and storage containers, our friendly and helpful team will be there to guide you toward business success. Contact us today to get started.

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