What to Expect from a Custom Fabrication Shop?

July 8, 2022

As a current or future truck owner, it can be super helpful to know what you can expect from a custom truck fabrication shop in Ohio. Whether you are looking for some simple work to be completed or a larger upfitting, professional truck frame fabrication can be especially beneficial.

Here at Robertson Truck Group, we have a rather long history of providing custom truck body fabrication in Ohio. So we know a thing or two about what a customer might expect from a custom fabrication shop.

If you have yet to purchase a truck that needs customizing, you’ll need to consider which type of truck body best suit the needs of your particular work. Basic truck bodies include:

  • Hauler
  • Landscape
  • Platform
  • Anti-rattle Stake
  • Dump

Once you know what kind of truck you have, you can then decide the kind of custom fabrication shop you want to work with. Here are some tips for selecting the specifications you want and how to choose the custom body shop that can do it.

We’ve put together a short reference list to help give you a better idea of what you can come to expect from a custom fabrication shop!

Custom Upfitting

When you are looking to get a professional truck frame fabrication completed, custom upfitting is going to be one service a fabrication shop has on offer. Custom upfitting is a way to get custom truck body fabrication in Ohio to alter your truck to your needs.

Custom upfitting might include modifications to the wheelbase, frame alterations, or the installation of other parts on a truck. Frame alterations can range from lengthening or shortening a truck to other custom specifications you might have.

One thing that sets Robertson Truck Group apart as a processional truck frame fabrication shop is the fact that we provide clients with the option to upfit their own trucks. Or you can just as easily choose a truck from within our vast inventory and work with us to upfit it to your specifications.

Installation Capabilities

Considering custom truck body fabrication in Ohio might just lead you to realizing that you need specific parts installed in the process. A custom fabrication shop will have installation capabilities that range from being able to install flatbeds onto trucks and even dump bodies.

Other installation capabilities and professional truck frame fabrication you can often find at custom shops include:

  • Door replacements
  • Bed and body repairs
  • Wetline kits
  • Hydraulic 5th wheel installations
  • Trailer hitch installation
  • 5th wheel installations
  • Lift gates

Depending on the different kind of installation you are in search of, be sure to find a custom fabrication shop that can accommodate your needs.

Quality Customer Service

When you are working with a shop that does professional truck frame fabrication, make sure that they can communicate with you! Custom work on a truck, especially your truck, will be an ongoing process for the duration of the work.

Communication and customer service go hand in hand in a fabrication shop. Custom truck body fabrication in Ohio often involves specific changes to your individual truck. Having open and clear communication between shop and client is crucial! Manufacturer of Custom Truck Bodies for Industrial Needs

Choose an Experienced Body Consultant

Determining the correct specifications for the right truck body so a job can be performed correctly is no easy task. It’s important to pick an experienced company that can advise you on selecting the right specs and listens to your own ideas about what you want for your truck.

Tips for choosing the right fabrication shop in Ohio include:

  • Get recommendations from other truckers, companies
  • Do your research so you can ask them questions about their qualifications
  • Be sure to be as thorough as you can when describing what you need, that way your consultant can offer you a wider range of solutions

Make Sure Your Truck’s Custom Specs Allow for Versatility

If you’re an owner-operator, sometimes trucking companies will require you to have custom specs that are particular to the work required.

Many truck owners end up taking on work they hadn’t expected when they originally customized their truck. The best course of action is to outfit your truck so it can serve multiple purposes.

In addition, if you customize your semi or another kind of truck in a highly specialized way, you might have a difficult time re-selling it if you need to. Having the option of a more versatile truck allows you to switch companies and adapt easier, especially if they do a different type of work.

Know Your Equipment and Storage Needs

When customizing your vehicle, you’ll need to consider what equipment and cargo need to be transported safely.

Certain custom truck bodies were built to hold and transport some items better than others. If you transport large materials but also need space for tools and safety gear, you need to make sure you’ve chosen the specs that get that done.

The best thing to do is imagine what kind of tools or loads you carry on an average day, so you don’t go over the top with a large toolbox or unnecessary racks.

Robertson Truck Group – Custom Truck Body Fabrication in Ohio

Now that you know what to expect when you do go to a custom fabrication shop, consider working with the team here at Robertson Truck Group. We have a one-stop shop that is 25,000 square feet completely dedicated as an upfitting and fabrication facility.

Our experienced team specializes in drive-line work and body installations. We can easily build or alter any chassis so that it can meet your industry’s specific standards and needs.

Looking to work with a custom fabrication shop that does everything on this list? Contact us today to learn how we can get started on your professional truck frame fabrication today!

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