Difference Between a Van Upfit and a Conversion Van?

March 16, 2021

When you are looking for commercial van upfitters, you might find yourself asking an important question: what is the difference between a van upfit and a conversion van? When it comes to the modification of vans, these are the two different procedures that can be undertaken.

Whether you are considering modifying a van through an upfit or a conversion, knowing the key differences between the two may help you decide which route you want to go.

Differences Between a Van Upfit and a Conversion Van – From Cargo Van Upfitters in Ohio

As cargo van upfitters in Ohio, Robertson Truck Group is well-versed to walk you through the key differences between these two unique modification processes.

Van Upfits

As Columbus commercial van upfitters, the most important distinction that we make between an upfit and a conversion is that a van upfit is a more minor type of modification to a vehicle. Custom elements and features are added to a van during an upfit without completely changing the overall design and layout of the van.

During a van upfit, different features, equipment, and other elements are installed in or onto the van/ Some of these features can include:

  • Technology like rear view cameras, back up alarms, remote start systems, and reverse sensors
  • Entertainment features like premium seating options, Wi-fi capabilities, van partitions and TV’s
  • Ladders, pull out platforms, and racks
  • Storage options like built in drawers, bins, and shelves

All of the above mentioned options can be installed by cargo van upfitters in Ohio like Robertson Truck Group.

During a van upfit, all of the custom elements that will be added to your van will be customized for the van’s specific dimensions. These customized pieces will not change the van’s design at all and will help to increase a van’s space and versatility.

Van Conversions

On the other hand, van conversions are quite different to a van upfit. As Columbus commercial van upfitters, we know that a van conversion is a much more extreme change. What happens during a van conversion is that the entire van will have new features added in during the reconfiguration process.

The reconfiguration process allows cargo van upfitters in Ohio, like Robertson Truck Group, to make big changes to the layout and dimensions of a van. A van conversion might be needed to change a van into an ADA-compliant transport van that requires specific kinds of features and a special layout.

Other reasons one might want to undertake a van conversion include:

  • Commercial vans such as those for plumbers, electricians, and pet groomers
  • Wheel chair accessibility
  • Mobile offices
  • Utility vans
  • Family travel or personal travel

Van conversions are an option for customers who are looking to change the layout and dimensions of their van. Consider working with Columbus commercial van upfitters if you are interested in a van conversion to ensure that the integrity of the van remains!

Work with Cargo Van Upfitters in Ohio

Now that you know the differences between a van upfit and a conversion van, you are ready to get started on your own cargo van upfit! Robertson Truck Group, as Columbus commercial van upfitters, is here to help get you started on your van upfit. With an experienced team on site and the capabilities of our full mechanical shop and fabrication division, we are ready to get started.

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