Simple Ways to Keep Your Shipping Container Off the Ground

August 2, 2022

Before deciding on where to place a shipping container, you’ll need to figure out the best way to secure and keep the container elevated. The practice of using shipping containers for onsite storage is on the rise, and even though they may look invulnerable, the site still needs to be made container ready.

So what’s the best way to prep a site if it’s going to be used for storage? Some of the simplest ways to keep your shipping container off the ground include:

  • Place the container on 6 x 6 timbers or railway ties
  • Place the container on a bed of gravel
  • Place the container on asphalt. (Placing 2 x 10 wood planks at the corners might be advisable if there is a risk of sinking into the asphalt because of high temperatures.)

Shipping Container Foundation Ideas

Any kind of structurally sound building needs some sort of foundation and that goes for storage containers as well. This doesn’t mean you’re going to need to make a concrete foundation for every container, but you will need to make preparations to make sure the container stays secure.

Here are some tips for ensuring your shipping container is kept securely off the ground:

  1. Choose a level ground. Placing containers on uneven surfaces can prevent the container doors from opening and closing correctly. You can try to adjust the container using wood blocks or wedges but it’s best to make sure the ground is as level as it can be.
  2. Make sure the location is high and will remain dry. When water is able to collect under the container, it can damage the floors. If you plan to keep the container at the same site for a long period of time make sure the ground is dry. The container will naturally settle some, but if the land is often saturated it will cause problems. The corners can sink causing the doors to jam. And a lot of standing water can increase the amount of moisture in the container.

The truck and trailer can weigh over 30,000 lbs, so a concrete pad or asphalt paving is preferred in order to have a shipping container delivered. If you do require an off-road delivery it is best to call and discuss road conditions in advance.

Asphalt, grass, concrete, gravel, and earth are all acceptable surfaces to place a shipping container, but on softer surfaces, each corner should be supported by a concrete footing, asphalt, railroad ties, or a bed of gravel.

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