How Much Does It Cost to Rent A Shipping Container

February 19, 2021

When it comes to Columbus shipping container rental, the first question on your mind is undoubtedly going to be related to the cost of the rental. As you consider a shipping container rental in Columbus, Ohio, knowing more about what it will cost can help you in deciding when you want to rent one, what size, and whether or not you might want to purchase or lease one afterwards.

Columbus Shipping Container Rental Cost

The cost of a Columbus shipping container rental might fluctuate at different points, depending on the supply and demand throughout the year. But the typical cost of a shipping container rental in Columbus, Ohio can range from $100-$500 a month. The price of a rental will change based on size and does not include the cost of transporting.


Storage containers typically are about 20 to 24 feet long with the most common being 20 feet long. All storage containers will be 8 feet wide and 8.5 feet tall, allowing you ample storage space.

Whether you are in need of a Columbus storage container rental for the purpose of moving heavy equipment, storing commercial products related to your business, or other important items, the size of the storage container will play a key part in the cost. The bigger and longer that it is, the more you will be paying for the shipping container rental.

Quality and Condition

When it comes to perusing shipping container rentals in Columbus, Ohio quality and condition will play a part in the cost that you wind up paying. You will most likely not be renting a brand new shipping container, but keeping in mind the fact that most containers that are available for rent have a history as heavily used shipping containers can be helpful.

Older containers that might have visible wear and tear will usually run on the lower cost side. When considering a shipping container rental in Columbus, Ohio with Robertson Truck Group, you can work with our team of experienced professionals to determine the container that would suit your needs and budget best!

Delivery Costs

Depending on if you can transport the container yourself or not, delivery costs will factor into the overall cost of the Columbus shipping container rental. If you cannot transport the container yourself, you can consider working with a local company that may have lower delivery costs as opposed to an out of state company. shipping container delivery tips


Depending on the needs you have in a shipping container rental in Columbus, Ohio, you might also be interested in adding specific features to the container. These will result in additional costs but are something to consider.

Some features that can be added to a Columbus shipping container rental:

  • Doors
  • Locks
  • Shelving
  • Awnings

Shipping Container Rental in Columbus Ohio with Robertson Truck Group

If you are looking into shipping container rental in Columbus, Ohio, Robertson Truck Group is here for your rental needs. Whether you are starting a new small business or looking to store products for a long period of time, one of our Columbus shipping container rentals can be a perfect solution. Contact Robertson Truck Group for assistance in determining the cost of a shipping container rental in Columbus, Ohio. Our experienced staff are here to help you figure out the size and pricing that suits your needs.

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