Best Ways to Secure your Storage Containers

April 10, 2019

If you have multiple storage containers on site, it can be difficult to ensure that all of them are safe from break-ins, theft, and damage. Many times, those storage containers have expensive product and need to be protected. When you want to secure your storage containers, there’s no limit to how much security you can place to ensure protection of your business and products. As the old adage goes, it’s better safe than sorry.

To secure storage containers, there’s several measures you can take to prevent theft, damage, and other security mishaps.

1. Fencing

One of the first steps to take when securing storage containers is to have your property’s perimeter enclosed with a fence. Not just any fence, however. A tall fence about 20 to 30 feet high with barbed wire and a slanted top will be able to deter any thieves or vandals who may want to cause damage to your containers. Because fences aren’t able to completely keep out thieves and vandals — they are just a first line of defense — it’s important to secure storage containers with other methods as well.

2. Locks

There are multiple locks available to secure your storage containers. Heavy duty padlocks, crossbar locks, storage box locks, and inner bolts are all products that many people use when containers arrive and it’s time to lock up products. They range from low-security to high-security and should be used depending on budget and product value. However, many companies opt for crossbar locks because they are not easily tampered and are simple to install on storage container doors.

3. Alarm Systems

This method of securing storage containers is one of the most important, especially if your property is near a phone line and has internet access. Setting up cameras and sentry systems that alert you when an unauthorized person is on property will help you secure your products and containers. If someone began messing with a lock or a container, an alarm system will alert authorities and scare off thieves or vandals. When it’s time to secure your storage containers, consider using all three methods of security. There’s no such thing as “too safe” when it comes to your property, your business, and your livelihood. Robertson Truck Group has the equipment and advice that you need to help you succeed in securing your storage containers. Call us at 740-397-4969 or visit our website, to learn more about how to secure your storage containers.

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